The Start

The fuselage seems to have started out as a Piper Colt and had been extensively modified. The undercarriage was two piece steel with what looked like wheelbarrow wheels.

A lot of work was going to be required to make it work in the fashion it which was intended.

The Wings look like they started life on a Piper PA-22. They have had wing extensions added and not a very good job was made of the work.

On first examination the requirements are as follows:-

1  Build a new undercarriage with new wheels, brakes, calipers and master cylinders.

2  Refurbish the fuselage removing a lot of ill fitting parts.

3  Build a new engine mount for a ? engine.

4  Rebuild/Repair the wings and remove the not very well built extensions.

5  Purchase and fit engine, engine controls, instruments and radio.

6.  Replace all control cables and turnbuckles were they exist. Fit new where required

7  Cover and Paint